The Student's Hostel of the Ghiara is particularly suited to the reception of university , both & nbsp; for its geographically strategic position, and & nbsp; for the quantity & agrave; and quality & agrave; of services offered.

The hostel offers to all university students, Italians and foreigners, the ideal solution to stay in Reggio Emilia during the lessons, the sessions & nbsp; of exams or the frequency of mobility programs; international as Erasmus and Leonardo .

The hostel is located in the heart of the historic center of Reggio and is just 300 meters from the university in Via Allegri.

All out-of-office students can comfortably stay at the Ghiara's Student's Hostel and reach the university in less than 10 minutes. In the evening the historic center is populated by young people and baster & agrave; take a walk around the hostel, an area full of bars, to spend a pleasant evening in the company of friends and colleagues.

The services are really student-friendly:

  • two brand new internet point stations at the hostel reception;
  • the wi-fi network to navigate comfortably with your & nbsp; your notebook;
  • the free supply of sheets and the laundry and dryer service will allow you to travel light, without cumbersome luggage;
  • the multilingual staff present at the reception desk facilitator & agrave; the permanence of foreign students;
  • the non-stop reception , open 24 hours a day, will free you & agrave; from any limitation of curfew allowing everyone to live intensely also the university nightlife that the city & agrave; of Reggio Emilia offers.

And finally, incredibly affordable rates.

Bed & Breakfast


  • € 50,00

  • € 60,00

  • € 75,00

  • € 90,00

  • € 80,00


  • € 22,00

Half Board


  • € 65,00

  • € 90,00

  • € 120,00

  • € 135,00

  • € 110,00


  • € 37,00